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Current Affiliations

Hoopingarner Oilfield Consulting LP executed a consulting agreement in January, 2017, with Emergent Technologies, Inc. Mr. Hoopingarner will assist the company in managing Investor Relations. Mr. Hoopingarner previously served the company as Executive Vice President from 2000-2010. .
Hoopingarner Oilfield Consulting, L.P. is an Associate Member of the IADC. Mr. Hoopingarner serves on the Training and Well Control Technical committees. www.iadc.org
Mr. Hoopingarner is a Founding Member of the Offshore Energy Center (OEC). The OEC is dedicated to expand the awareness of the vast energy resources beneath the world's oceans, and to chronicle the unique heritage and technological accomplishments of the industry that discovers, produces, and delivers these resources in a safe and environmentally responsible way.
Mr. Hoopingarner is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. SPE is the largest individual-member organization serving managers, engineers, scientists and other professionals worldwide in the upstream segment of the oil and gas industry. It offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the profession through its programs and activities and many of its accomplishments are driven by its dedicated members. www.spe.org

Past Affiliations

Hoopingarner Oilfield Consulting LP has a Master Service Agreement in place with Argonauta Energy Services, L.L.C. Argonauta offers worldwide technical consulting services specializing in Deepwater Expertise to the upstream oil and gas industry. Mr. Hoopingarner currently provides his services to BP through Argonauta Drilling Services L.L.C., and Schlumberger through Argonauta Training Services L.L.C..
Through Argonauta Drilling Services Mr. Hoopingarner has been providing services to the BP GWO Competence Management Programme since January 2012.
Mr. Hoopingarner serves on the Board of Directors for Ranger Offshore, Inc. Ranger was formed in 2008 to provide marine and subsea construction support services for the offshore oil and gas industry. Headquartered in Houston, Ranger Offshore manages operations throughout the Gulf of Mexico. www.rangeroffshoreinc.com
Mr. Hoopingarner serves as an advisor to Sparx Engineering. Sparx maintains a diverse team of licensed professional engineers and graduate engineers in areas including electrical, mechanical, computer and software, industrial, manufacturing, and biomedical. Sparx provides its customers access to its full breadth of expertise for a fraction of the cost of hiring a single engineer. It uses flexible partnership options to meet a variety of scope and budget requirements.
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